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Breast Cancer Awareness Network - of the Phenomenal Women Of The Web®
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Breast Cancer Awareness Network - of the Phenomenal Women Of The Web®
Helping to save your life

PhenomenalWomen.com will NEVER Forget September 11, 2001

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Apply to become an accepted member of the Phenomenal Women Of The Web. Membership is open to all women who maintain a website and it is FREE!

Phenomenal Diva - where all women - world wide are Divas! - COME JOIN US! Membership is free!Brand new website presented by PhenomenalWomen.com:
Phenomenal Diva®

Phenomenal Diva is an organization and webring of women from all over the world. To be a part of this ring, all you have to do is be a woman - you don't even have to own a website! The women that comprise PhenomenalDiva.com do not have any criteria to meet—just the fact that you are a woman is plenty! Membership is free - come join us.

The Quilt of Phenomenal WomenDestined to be the largest-living online quilt!
The Quilt of Phenomenal Women

represents women from all walks of life. The fabric of the quilt is represented by individual squares of the quilt - each representing one woman. It reflects her spirit and the unique person she is. The quilt is never ending and will constantly grow in size—and will never be completed. As women from all over the world add to the quilt—the quilt grows. Any woman from anywhere in the world can be a part of the quilt - add your square today -- it's FREE !!!!

The Communities of PhenomenalWomen.com
The Communities of PhenomenalWomen.com
The Communities are designed to correspond with and compliment the Profiles of accepted members of PhenomenalWomen.com and their related categories. Articles are also written by the members of the Webrings of PhenomenalWomen.com. Each of the 28 categories of the Profiles will be represented here (as they are created) as Communities with articles written by the accepted members in the Community (category) they are listed in within the Profiles. In addition, each Community has a PhenomenalWomen.com webring associated with its content and topic. You can submit an article to the Communities too!

The New Profiles of PhenomenalWomen.com Members
Browse the profiles of the accepted members of the Phenomenal Women of the Web. There are 44 different categories with something for everyone!

Elite 5 Year Anniversary Members
All of the members on the special site have the distinction of being a proud member of PhenomenalWomen.com for at least 5 years!

The New Forums of the PWOTW
Redesigned forums for your interests and conversations: general discussions, writing/poetry, Domestic Violence, Alternative Healing, Anxiety/Panic Attacks, Breast Cancer, Depression, Endometriosis, Exercise, Fitness & Nutrition, Fibromyalgia, Menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Don't Even Think About It! Stealing my bandwidth is a crime & will NOT be tolerated!"Don't Even Think About It," - Stealing bandwidth is a crime and will NOT be tolerated!
There are many "don't steal my bandwidth" pages on the web. They are often long winded and hard for the novice or even the experienced web designer to understand. "Don't Even Think About It" is short and to the point. You will know what stealing bandwidth is in the 3 short minutes it takes you to read this page that is written without any sugar-coating at all. Also, take the Seal of Don't Even Think About It! and place it on your website for FREE. A nice accompaniment to Stop Internet Plagiarism.

Beautiful & whimsical greeting cards that are written with original Poetry & Verses - filled with accompanying images to relay your message. FREE & easy to send... just fill in the e-mail address of the person you are sending it to. Holiday Cards!

The Garden Center - Within the pages of the Garden Center, are articles written on many topics from lawn caring, transplanting,  for and planting a balled in burlap Christmas tree, making money from your garden talents and many more interesting subjects for the gardener in us all!

Phenomenal Tools - Let your site promote itself FREE with Phenomenal Tools Pass It On Service. Use on as many pages of your site as you like... for FREE. This is an Official service of the Phenomenal Women Of The Web®. Each form can be set to describe the individual page it is sent from. This is an awesome way to promote your site. You have seen these forms on nearly every page of PWOTW!

The Epitome of a Phenomenal WomanEpitome of a Phenomenal Woman
They symbolize what it means to be the epitome of a phenomenal woman. Their sites represent the highest of quality, with attention to every detail. They have chosen to join this elite group of women as a statement of their character as both a woman and a web architect.


The t-shirt says: "I am a Phenomenal Woman" Official PhenomenalWomen.com Merchandise
Silk screen printed T-shirts printed that say: "I am a Phenomenal Woman!" (t-shirts are printed on BOTH SIDES!, mugs, mousepads, aprons and totebags. All displaying the official logo, look & feel of the PWOTW. Perfect for your PHENOMENAL self or friends! Discounted priced gift-sets also! T-shirts are available to 6XL.

The Women's Health, Mind & Body Resource Network
The complete resource for any woman who cares about herself and her family. Resources, books and food for thought about a broad range of categories that effect our everyday lives.


Official Bookstore of the PWOTW® The PWOTW Official Bookstore
All the books and resources we need for everyday living. Health, children, bestsellers, fiction, non-fiction... everything under one phenomenal roof!

An Article from The Showcase: - "Patricia Cornwell" - By Shellie Rabago
Cornwell’s creativity has been globally recognized, receiving the Medallion Award for her biography of Ruth Bell Graham, A Time for Remembering, and also earning Britain’s prestigious Gold Dagger award. Postmortem, is the only novel ever to simultaneously win the Edgar...Read the story

Divisions of Phenomenal Women Of The Web:

The Webrings Of PhenomenalWomen.com

Note: all webrings of PhenomenalWomen.com have an average success rate of 97-100%. What that means is when you click on a link within a webring to travel the ring, the ring is unbroken - therefore making your journey through the ring enjoyable. Also, the majority of PhenomenalWomen.com webrings are ranked #1 for traffic and size in the category they are in for that ring's topic. The strict rules for joining any webring of PhenomenalWomen.com's ensures the visitor to any ring a pleasant trip through topic relevant websites.

The Official Webring of the PWOTW Christianity Quilt of Phenomenal Women
Adoption/Adoptee Cooking, Beverages & Entertaining Recovery & Starting Over
AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Genealogy Romance, Love & Heartbreak
Angels K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Stupid ~Scent~-ually!
Astrology Loss, Grief & Mourning Web Designers & Web Design Resources
Backgrounds and Graphics Military / POW-MIA WICCA - Alternative Religions
BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) Poetry & Writing Women's Health Issues
Cancer Pregnancy, Childbirth & Parenting Women Owned Businesses

PhenomenalWomen.com Mission Statement

"The women who are accepted into the Phenomenal Women Of The Web, have outstanding websites. The women come from all walks of life and so their websites vary greatly. Accepted members of the Phenomenal Women of the Web are unique in their beliefs, faiths, and lifestyles - yet are tolerant of another's point of view. Diversity yields acceptance; acceptance yields peace; peace yields understanding; understanding yields love. Let no person ever think that their point of view, belief, lifestyle, and/or faith is the one and only way and must be shared by everyone. Intolerance and ignorance represent a closed mind, and a closed mind is an empty, lonely mind. 

The foundation, mission, and core of PhenomenalWomen.com is tolerance, understanding, and diversity towards others for all women worldwide."

"Getting ahead in a difficult profession requires avid faith in yourself.
That is why some people with mediocre talent, but with great inner drive,
go much further than people with vastly superior talent."
~ Sophia Loren ~

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