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Stop Internet Plagiarism
Stop Internet Plagiarism
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In this new and expanding world called the Internet, there are vast resources to behold. Women and men are putting forth tremendous effort and talent to forge a new frontier. Although the Internet is new, the same rules of the jungle apply. When a person creates an original graphic, or writes a piece of poetry and puts it on their site - they don't want it snatched and grabbed and used on another site. Without written permission from the original author/artist - it is stealing.

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But what is internet plagiarism? Plagiarism in as it applies to anything is a form of stealing. It is when a person has a site on the WWW, willingly and knowingly uses, without permission from the original owner, graphics or written words —  regardless if they generate revenue from their website or not.

In this case, I am referring specifically to internet plagiarism - and also to specific topics. Since the majority of people in the private sector have relatively simple websites, the two topics below are the most commonly plagiarized - and are the sole focus here.

Graphics - a graphic created from scratch or *re-worked significantly (*taken from a ROYALTY FREE clipart package, and re-designed into something that looks substantially different than it's original form). This could include backgrounds, icons, dividers, WordArt, site logos, an award you give, your organization logo, etc. Read an incident from a very new, inexperienced webmaster and the trouble you can make for yourself if you act in haste.

Written word(s), poetry/writing - content, verses or lines of words. Examples of this might be - poetry or writing. (I maintain a huge poetry site - and on occasion, a writer on my site has been found to have plagiarized work).

If you suspect a website on the internet is using something you have created or written from scratch, The PWOTW urge you to investigate the website thoroughly. Write to the owner of the site with your concerns and be ready to prove that the work on the site is indeed yours! An example of proof is "work in progress."   For example - regarding graphics - when one creates a graphic, generally the work is saved many times in unfinished states of completion.)

The Seal of the Phenomenal Women Of The Web Against Internet Plagiarism may be taken freely and placed on *any site by any webmaster who cares about their original work.  Be it graphics, photos, poetry/writing etc. It must be linked back to:
• NOTE: The graphic size is less than 2KB.
   • Also, because I feel SO STRONGLY about this matter, I am allowing this image source to be drawn from If you don't want to put it on your own server for the image source - simply click here for the code to the graphic - and TPWOTW will worry about the bandwidth.
   *** WARNING: the seal may not be used on an adult XXXX rated site.

Placing the seal on your site sends a very clear signal to those who surf with the expectation of "snatch and grab," techniques for building their sites - that YOU theI am watching my site... so DON'T SNATCH & GRAB HERE! ORIGINAL creator - will NOT be plagiarized. The Seal represents the "THIS HOUSE PROTECTED BY..." signs that you see outside of homes... telling thieves that the homeowners work hard for their belongs and have taken measures to safe guard them.

I receive hundreds of letter from people all over the world, asking for my help in a matter of stolen work. I hope this will help you. Below is a comprehensive list of internet and local resources to help you both protect yourself from plagiarism, and the tools necessary to legally combat it if push comes to shove.



Counsel Quest   - searchable and browsable directory of legal resources, spanning law from antiquity to the present day.
FindLaw - Internet Legal Resources  - searchable directory of all things law.
Hieros Gamos   - directory of organizations, law schools, law firms, vendors listed by name, address, telephone, fax and contact worldwide. In English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.
World Wide Legal Information Association  - legal information by country. Includes the Law Museum, a history of the law, and the Law Hall of Horrors. From Hammurabi to O.J.
WWW Virtual Library: Law
'Lectric Law Library - find and access law-related information and products that you want or need.
Access to Justice Network (ACJNet) Canada - provides Canadian justice and legal information and services, including legislation, organizations, publications, databases and discussion forums.
All Law - comprehensive legal directory and search engine.
Aspals Legal Pages - specialized in military and international law; site has links to British court-martial decisions and procedures, international law, and related military sites.
CataLaw - metaindex of law and government.
Global Legal Information Network - provides a database of national laws from contributing countries around the world, from the U.S. Library of Congress.
Guides to Law Resources on the Internet
Haim Ravia, Law Offices: Legal Links - legal links for jurists from around the world, and especially for the Israeli legal community, with an emphasis on information from the Canadian Constitution.
InSITE - current awareness service of Cornell Law Library, featuring a searchable database of annotated legal websites.
Internet Legal Resource Guide - A comprehensive guide to the most substantive legal resources online.
Ipso Facto - links to legal history and legal aids, information on each branch of the government and more.
Law and Court Related Web Sites - from the National Center for State Courts.
Law and Politics Internet Guide - features law, politics and government resources.
Law Sites in the World - includes large database of law sites - news, reports and latest lagislation. In English and Hebrew. - information for the public, lawyers, and law students.
LawLinks: Legal Information on the Internet - a selected list of web sites compiled by Sarah Carter, University of Kent at Canterbury.
LawRunner - front end for Altavista designed to facilitate legal research.
Laws.Com - compendium of law-related resources available on the Web.
LawyerFinder - online service for locating attorneys and legal resources.
Legal Link - links to bankruptcy and class action sites.
Legal Research Center - directory of legal sites and resources, with sections on federal legislation, Switzerland, international law, the EU, intellectual property, and academia.
Links to the Text of State Constitutions
Lunar Law Links - monthly list of outstanding legal sites on the world wide web and beyond.
National Lawnet - short index of law resources on the Internet.
Rominger Legal - resource for jump-starting your on-line legal research.
W3 Lawyer - links to information and resources for a variety of legal issues.


All about Forms - a database of FREE legal forms for Affidavits, Applications, Bankruptcy, Business, Corporation, Divorce, Partnership, Rent, Statements, Trademark, Trusts, Leases - and fully searchable so you can find the forms you need.
All About Law - the Mother ship of the site above. Excellent resource.
Consumer Protection: Landlord/Tenant Law
Jurisdictionary - useful facts about the words and the rules that lawyers use.
Legal Material by Subject -Topics 
Legal.Net - commercial Web site for attorneys and non-attorneys alike.
Legaldocs - allows for online preparation of customized legal documents. Many free, small fee for others.
Nolo Press Self-Help Law Center - online legal assistance for the little guy.

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Stop Internet Plagiarism
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