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Est. March 20, 1997

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Nancy Imelda Schafer
Spyder's Empire



You may become a member of Phenomenal Women Of The Web with this seal. You must read and agree with the Creed first before you apply below. It is given to women on the Internet with outstanding pages. Pages of Excellence, and Honor. It is not given out to everyone that applies. I only have one seal. There are no 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place winners. If you are awarded this seal... your pages are extraordinary. The recipients of this award must meet certain criteria outlined below.

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Your site must be something that reflects you... the woman that you are.

It must have at least one subject in which you are giving back something to the world. In my case I Spyder's Poetry Empire and Empire:ZINE. It is comprised of writers all over the world submitting their work to be published on the web. It is a way of doing something for the writing world in which I reside.

It must be structured and not be a site or pages of links to other people's sites.

A special consideration will be given if you are honoring a great woman of the world. I honor the works of Maya Angelou.

Your page should be considerate of your fellows on the internet in that you have your own graphics and are not linking from another's server for the ones on your page. Also... Giving credit where it is due. If you use another's work, link back to them as per their request. Liking something and grabbing it is easy to do on this big Internet... but reputations are made quickly. Besides, chances are when you acknowledge another's work, they in turn will do the same for you, increasing hits on your page. Know this too: I read the source of every page I review.

Your site may be personal or business as long as it is written, maintained and you are the "Sole Owner." Your site may not be a incorporated within anthers site. Example: your site is located within your husbands, lover, etc. It must stand on its own alone. You must also be the only person writing and formatting your site. YOU are the person behind the keyboard of your site. YOU send your site online through FTP. Yes, you may use an HTML editor, but it is YOU who is the sole proprietor of your site. You may NOT have either a paid "webmaster" or a friend format your site. EXCEPTIONS: Special features of your site such as cgi (perl) scripts, JAVA scripts, and JAVA applets may be used from outside sources - since many of them are free to use and implement on your site, and some cgi-pl scripts must be custom written to meet your needs.

If you are accepted, you page will be listed in "Phenomenal Women Of The Web" with a detailed description of your site. I do mean detailed. I want the reader to see by just reading the description of your site why you were chosen as "A Phenomenal Woman Of The Web," and want to go view it.

NOTE: January 10, 1998 As of this date, no sites dealing with D/s (Domination/submission) will be considered or accepted into TPWOTW. You may read further here for an explanation why. If you don't know what Domination/submission is, go to any search engine and type in: "Domination/submission".  Be forewarned, it is graphic material.


Name of Site: REQUIRED
How long has your site been online? REQUIRED
Personal Site: or Business Site:     REQUIRED
1.  Are you the person sitting behind the keyboard (The Webmaster) of your site?
Yes: or No:    REQUIRED
2.  Is this site maintained exclusively by yourself: Yes: or No:    REQUIRED
3.  Are you the "Sole Owner" of this site? Yes: or No:    REQUIRED
If you answered No to any of the 3 questions above in the shaded area, or did not answer the questions, you will not be considered for this seal, please do not go further. Also, please don't apply if you are a part of a company, and construct their site. Or if you are a part of a site, example: your site is located within your friend's, boyfriend's, husband's etc. That is not considered a "Sole Owner." Your site must stand alone.

Tell us about your site. Describe in DETAIL the different
facets of your site. Previous awards and memberships from other sites are unimportant, please don't list them. We will be looking at your site as it stands on it's own.

[ Please do not enter HTML in the form below ]

Did you fill out the name of your site, and include your URL?
You would be surprised at the number I receive that have overlooked them

Click here to check

NOTE: This is a preliminary form which is used as a guide when reviewing your site. If you are accepted into The Phenomenal Women Of The Web, you will receive an e-mail you with a URL that you will go to and enter in all the unique details of your site. Your site description will have it's own page among the accepted members listing for the month and year you are accepted. You will also be given the code for your seals to be displayed on the pages within your site - along with information on joining the official webring of the PWOTW. Note: please do not confuse your membership in the PWOTW and the official webring --- as they are two separate and distinct things.

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